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Matching great products to customers and helping ורדה שלוםmarketers to increase their customers’ base and customers’ satisfaction is the essence of my work.

I’ve developed a  new marketing methodology that combines big data analytics  together with SEO and  tools  like SimilarWeb, Semrush, MixPanel etc.

This marketing methodology enables my customers to find new marketing “gold mines” waiting to be uncovered ,to enlarge their market share under tight budget constraints.

I come with 20 years’ experience in the advertisement and marketing business. I’m an expert trainer and blogger. I specifically specialized in how to transform old school marketers into web experts who act professionally in the online and social marketing world.

With experience in the business management from Henley College and Sociology degree from Tel-Aviv University I combine unique business skills with strong understanding of the human nature and behavior.

For the past six years I ran an online marketing and  SEO business with proven record of successful references and testimonials. I started with SMB’s market and over the years helped companies to compete with bigger sites under extreme budget constraints.

important edge in this new social marketing world.


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