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In order to build a winning marketing strategy we analyze your internet activity in comparison with that of the competitors, identify opportunities and loopholes and outline an operative plan for implementation.

What data do we use?

Your current strategy

What are the marketing channels that generate the highest ROI and are therefore worth maintaining.

Your website performance

To what extent does your website fulfill your marketing goals and whether it has potential that has not yet been realized.

Tactic used by your competition

Marketing activities that have given your competitors an advantage (in terms of unique visitors, branding and network credibility). Don’t lose time on walking down blind alleys , when you can benefit from your competitiors’ learning curve and implement only what generates results.

Identify opportunities by keeping track of changing trends, such as: your customers’ needs, current market trends, what generates growth in demand and of course, what good ideas that are being used by your competitors can work also for your – all these will result in smart marketing decisions.

What tools do we use?

We use a variety of excellent research tools such as Similar Web, A1 Analyzer, Moz, Mixpanel, Majestic and more. In addition to our proven expert capabilities using these professional tools we developed competences that help gather additional information from “between the lines”. The success of our work relies on professional data collection, analysis and expert processing giving you practical reccomendations on what you should do.
To help you achieve a competitive edge and add value to your marketing efforts we offer a complete service package which includes:

  • Online market research in your field of activity (business intelligence) which will be summarized in a user friendly report highlighting conclusions and recommendations that can be easily implemented.
  • Guide you how to best implement these recommendations, by either: 
    • Train and guide your team to execute these activities in house
    • Provide services (SEO, SMO SEM) through our specialized team of professionals.


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