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Optimization of online marketing activities

Collecting business intelligence on your competition’s online activity, creating a comparative report on your activity versus that of your competition, identifying opportunities and recommendations for tactical changes that will improve your sales performance.Read more

Adjusting your  website

How well does your website support your marketing goals and activities? Let us check and recommend ways to improve those elements that impact its sales generating performance. Read more

Conversion Rate Optimization

Tracking customer behavior from the moment they hit the site through their navigation and interaction when visiting it – is important for profiling them and their potential. Monitoring visitors to your site with advanced analytical tools provides practical recommendations for conversion rate optimization. Read more

Additional In-Depth Services

Our in-depth investigation of specific marketing aspects provides you with a really effective implementation program. This comprehensive service complements the findings of our initial online marketing analysis, or can be performed upon demand. Read more

Online marketing services

Our services include web site optimization, content writing, marketing content writing, social media marketing, branding and links building Read more

Training and Consulting

Our business guideline is that we prefer to teach our clients to grow their own crop rather than keep on feeding them. We provide managements consulting services and teach our clients how to use analytic tools that will enable them to enhance their online marketing activity and increase their online sales volume. Read more

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