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Additional In-Depth Services

Our in-depth investigation of specific marketing aspects provides you with an effective implementation program. This comprehensive service complements the findings of our initial online marketing analysis, or can be performed upon demand.

These services are provided to expand the analysis or as discrete services answering specific needs.

What interests your customers?

Your employees’ time is expensive so when asking them to dedicate time to professional writing it is important to instruct them how and what to write about, how to respond, and not to leave it to their own speculations, preferences and personal interests.
Writing should be managed as part of your online marketing strategy. Therefore, where , when and how to post what you write should follow a pre-defined strategy and rules.
We will identify for you what are currently the “hottest” topics in the market as seen by your potential customers and where and when you should be present and set the tone.
What indicators do we use? We monitor blogs and key sites in the field and locate the posts/articles that generated the highest reader traffic and social buzz (sharing likes, retwitts, etc.).
These “HOT” items will help you manage a controlled and effective writing strategy focused on what is up-to-date and requires immediate response, show web presence and highlight you solutions to countermeasure your competition’s activity. Identify trends, opportunities and aim your marketing strategy to where it counts.

Choosing Referral Sites

Investing in referral sites is a mean to  brand your products, it strengthens you website’s SEO potential and subsequently generates more unique visitors to your site. The more you know about your competitor’s activities the stronger your competitive edge – use it to focus your team’s resources on productive sites.
We will provide you with a list of the sites (the most highly rated ones) in which your competition is advertising and posting. We will classify the referrals according to their impact in terms of SEO and the traffic they generate to the different sites.
Optimize your team’s writing and search activities and resources – show them the short way to success.

Competition ADS Campaigns

We will run checks on competition’s online campaigns – what portion of their online budget is allocated to paid ads, what are the keywords they use, their advertising channels and the most traffic generating ad words. This will help you decide how to distribute your own Marketing Pie –

  • Where to advertise
  • What key words are promoting yoou competitors’ business

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