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Analysis & Optimization

Analysis and optimization of online marketing activities
We help you analyze your online marketing activities and compare them with those of the competition – we identify  what disparities exist between you and the competition and between your goals and your actual performance, you may find that you have missed realizing an easily accessible and practical opportunity which is at your immediate reach. You may be in the right direction and can implement some successful moves others have used.
The report includes:

Want to know what the competition is up to?

Using business intelligence, we prepare an analysis of your competition’s web based marketing activities, their brand building and product positioning activities (including the most recent ones), the effectiveness of the competition’s marketing channels, which channels achieve good results and may possibly  worthwhile adopting. We survey and analyze the impact of your own marketing channels – which of your activities achieve the highest ROI and others that need strengthening. We then prepare a report (actions versus results) comparing you and your competition on all marketing parameters: scope of activity, branding, website traffic, network authorizations plus quantitative data which are finally summarized in our conclusions and recommended action items.

What marketing aspects do our services address?

Marketing aspects that will help you build your online strategy

  • Which products/services you should focus your marketing efforts on (as a result of your customer’s needs and your competitive environment).
  • To what degree each of the online marketing channels (paid advertising, organic promotion, referrals, social media, e-mailing) generates the highest ROI for your business, and how to create a more effective budget utilization, for example: 
    • What are the most effective referral sites (specific site names) – internet sites that have the most unique visitors, create a marketing buzz and which referrals sites will pprovide  your products with maximum credibility.
    • Is Google AdWords (paid advertising) effective? An indication regarding the competition’s scope of activity, and the effective key words they use.
    • To what extent will your business benefit from social network activity (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
    • Should your web site be mobile compatible  
  • What HOT subjects are of interest to you and your customers.
  • Demographic segmentation and analyzing marketing activity in a specific target country (at extra cost and subject to technical constraints).

What you get:

  • An updated status of your strengths and weaknesses with regard to the competition on all online marketing fronts.
  • A thorough examination of specific issues that need improvement or discuss particular items of interest to you.

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